Performance at TodaysArt festival 2010.

STRUCTET is a fluctuating formation constisting of 52 visual and sonic improvisers. This group reformed in september 2010 to develop and perform the sequel to their performance at TodaysArt in 2006.

In the Atrium of the The Hague Town Hall they presented a monumental, architectonic vertical matrix of improvised electronic music and projections. An army of musicians on laptops and custom built instruments formed an electronic orchestra that performed on seven floors. The ‘conductors’ behind the mixing boards for both image and sound transformed the different inputs into one single piece of music and projections.

STRUCTET adapts itself to the building or spatial structure where it performs, with a preference for the vertical dimension. The structure of the improvisation is based on a study of the proportions, scale, colour, history and function of the location of the performance. This performance was based on a study of Richard Meier’s architecture of the Town Hall.

I was one of the visualists performing the projections in STRUCTET 2010.