Integration.02 // Dance performance in dynamic audiovisual space, 2010

Integration.02 is the second iteration in Dieter Vandoren's series of audiovisual compositions involving the fusion of live performance, spatial light installation, and spatial audio composition. The notion of performance environments as fully integrated instruments, playable by performers/users/public, is central to the project series, hence the title Integration.

Picking-up where Integration.01 left off, Integration.02 's light and sound installation expands into the 3rd dimension with a semi-immersive, semi-circular spatial light installation augmented by a 4.1 Ambisonics spatialized sound system.

The audiovisual composition is split up into pre-sequenced and dynamic layers. The pre-sequenced layer provides a foundation, giving structure and tempo to the performance, while the dynamic layer is designed to be open, allowing the dancers to play the light and the sound.

The arc of the light installation defines the performance space for 2 dancers. Wireless accelerometer sensors fitted on their bodies facilitate the tracking of acceleration and rotation vectors of certain body parts in real time. The live motion tracking system allows the dancers to play along with the audiovisual composition using their body movements as an instrument. The tightly bound connection between the dancers movements and the audiovisual composition allows for the simultaneous freedom of movement without sacrificing a close bind to the light and music. A quality unseen in the context of a more traditional dance performance.

Integration.02 is realized in cooperation with artist/composer MarkDavid Hosale, dancers Roseliek van de Velden and Nadine Lock and choreographer Janne Eraker

Credits //

Dieter Vandoren : overall concept and design, hardware engineering, software development, interaction development, audiovisual composition
MarkDavid Hosale : software development, interaction development, audiovisual composition
Janne Eraker : choreography, interaction development
Nadine Lock and Roseliek van de Velden : choreography, interaction development, live performance

Special thanks //

Blikopener festival
Jan Misker and Piem Wirtz (V2_, Dattah)
Hotel Modern
Squat Deluxe
Lidewij Tummers, Ineke Kruizinga and De Fabriek's crew

MarkDavid, Roseliek, Nadine and Janne for embarking on such an ambitious endeavor on such a tight schedule.

Realized with a loan by Materiaalfonds voor Beeldende Kunst en Vormgeving.

Pictures by Ineke Kruizinga and MarkDavid Hosale. Video by MarkDavid Hosale and Dieter Vandoren.