LFS2 // installation in collaboration with Mariska de Groot, 2018

LFS2 is an installation originating from the two artists’ ongoing research into dynamic architectures composed of solid and ephemeral media. The artists treat audiovisual media, orchestrated and autonomous artificial entities as building blocks for immersive, emergent architectures. The territories of digital and analog media, solid matter and sensory experience fade into each other in these artificial ecosystems.

In LFS2, innovative and antiquated technologies meet in a forest of light and sound emitting nodes intersected by monolithic optical fiber artifacts. Sculptural light beams orchestrate the emergent pulsing and waving field emerging from the swarm of autonomous units that radiate signal waves in both light and sound.

LFS2 is commissioned work by FIBER (NL) in collaboration with KIKK festival (BE) and supported by Creative Industries Fund NL.

Photo #1 credit: Simon Fusillier